Consulting and Training

Experience, skill, and foresight make Tigernix a niche in software services. Our services have stood unique through the years and we attribute that to our certified software consultants, experienced business analysts, and exceptional marketing team.

Our consultancy and training services ensure that we partner together with you from design to implementing software solutions, and optimize your business productivity, operational efficiency and increase your profit rates.

While our consultancy services are focussed on business intricacies, our training services delve more in to making you comfortable with our solutions.


The smarter your decisions are, the higher your business productivity score will be. The ever-changing market environment today urges businesses to rapidly respond with innovative and agile solutions. While we participate in the business race, moving ahead and being a winner requires continuous business transformation. LS Communication Consulting provides first-class services employing innovative development methods, by studying the latest trends in the market to successfully transform your business.

Our consulting services assist you in the complete project lifecycle – from the requirement stage to its implementation. We study, gauge, and analyze every aspect of your requirement and deliver solutions that best fit your needs and capabilities. Our expert pool of valuable personnel offers their knowledge-based ideas and suggestions to improve your choices and capitalize on global market trends.

Our professionals, after assessing your needs, will help you decide on your requirements. We offer subject matter expertise in technology and business process at very competitive rates.

We provide:

  • A powerful combination of technology, people, and processes.
  • Dedicated and extensive research in to client needs.
  • A team of skilled professional to analyze project.
  • Tools and reports to manage and monitor project status.

LS Communication strives to work in alignment with your goals and motto, your strategy and objectives, to ensure that your business development is on the right track. We offer our services as a consultancy when you require our expert analysis on customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning strategies. LS Communication values your business concerns. As much as we act as a catalyst, we also help you reap the benefits for your business success goals!


LS Communication has a team of finest learning professionals that has proven in creating focussed and creative training/learning solutions. We not only train our clients on our software, but also create world–class training/learning material for our client needs. At LS Communication we take training and imparting of knowledge very seriously. We believe that making our users comfortable and acquainted with our solutions is as important as developing our products. Our training sessions aim at making you comfortable and accustomed to our solutions.

Learning Management System (LMS), our exclusive solution for training and development, is an initiative to take training methodologies to the next level. With our comprehensive learning and training modules, your staff can easily master our software without any hurdles – whether it is geography or time. Yes! Our training modules help staff to learn our software from where ever they are through simple and interactive methods.

Our professionals, after assessing your needs, will help you decide on your requirements. We offer subject matter expertise in technology and business process at very competitive rates.

Our solutions are designed meticulously, intelligently, and carefully to ensure that you can:

  • Minimize your operational and production costs to a large extent.
  • Drastically cut training cost including hiring training personnel, training material, space, and efforts.
  • Create innovative and proven ways to impart knowledge to users.

We understand the value for time, money, and efforts in the fast-paced business world. Our solution beats the odds with sharp intuitive features turning hours of laborious training sessions to a few clicks of the mouse.