ERP Software

Software Type: Wholesale and Retail

About LScomincERP- Enterprise Resource Planning System

LScomincERP is a robust, flexible, secure, and comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Powerful and completely web-based, LScomincERP is an easy platform to unify all of your company’s business processes.

LScomincERP is complex yet simple; complex in its features and simple in its usability. LScomincERP gives you a wide range of features and functions that integrate and automate all your business processes.

LScomincERP is rich with modules such as:

  • ERP Core Features
  • Web Based ERP System
  • Inventory Management and Purchase Order System
  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Human Resources Management Software (HRMS)
  • Project and Costing Management Software
  • Bulk Email & SMS Software

This Enterprise Resource Planning software is web-based and has detailed reporting and management features that provide data on order forms, invoices, balance of payments, and ledgers. An all-inclusive dashboard enables easy follow-up on project status and stock sales.

LScomincERP Features

  • Web based accounting software with general ledger, account payable, account receivable module
  • Suitable for small business accounting
  • Web inventory management software
  • Web based quotation and sales management
  • Web based purchase request and purchase management
  • Web based project management software

Why is LScomincERP the right choice for you?

  • Improves efficiency: LScomincERP skilfully eliminates the repetitive tasks and largely reduces manual intervention. This system is completely customizable thereby streamlines your business based on your need and simplifies data collection and management.
  • Customizable for all industries: Our solution is flexible yet robust. LScomincERP is customizable to suit your industry and your business requirement. Features and functions can be modified to match your needs.
  • Detailed reporting for quick interpretation: Reporting is made simpler and extremely customizable. Our improved reporting functions and capabilities help you can respond to complex data requests more easily.
  • Impeccable customer Service: LScomincERP helps you provide high-quality customer service with better customer interactions and improved client relationships, through accurate and quick access to customer details and.