Microfinance Management System

Software Type: Non-profit

About LScomincFAM - Finance & Accounting Management

LScomincFAM offers you accounting software module designed specially to match the Singapore accounting standards. 

The accounting module is simple, flexible, and excellent in performance. It covers business accounting features such as general Ledger, Account receivable, Account payable, management accounting, budgetary accounting features and offers all essential functionalities for rigorous Singapore bookkeeping needs.

LScomincFAM is extremely flexible and can either be used as an independent accounting module or integrated to its other modules for maximum potential. The accounting features are simple and comprehensive covering every area of reporting and processes.


  • Automation
    LScomincFAM propagates a paper-less work environment with its completely automated entries and functions. That means, all processes are quicker, there’s minimal data input, and reduced or no manual errors.
  • Performance
    LScomincFAM's Client/Server structure allows several users to work concurrently.
  • Integrated
    With LScomincFAM , the accountant becomes a real actor in a company. Integration with other modules makes the accountant the head of the management process.


Accounting module functionalities: 

The accounting module covers functionalities such as:

  • Management of general, analytic, auxiliary accounts, and partial enclosure Seized Accountancy.
  • Multilevel charts without limit on codes or levels.
  • Management of virtual accounts.
  • Ability to work on several fiscal years at the same time.
  • Modes of entry by documents, quick entry in list mode, models, and subscription.
  • Automation of counterparts and taxes by account, by partner or by products.
  • Automatic creation of entries by integrating with other modules of TigernixERP.

LScomincFAM provides numerous automatic features such as automatic description, GST computation, due dates computation, automatic counterparts, third-party payments management, balance and creation of accounts while imputing entries. It also has tailored model entries and offers 100% Keyboard interaction.

Third-Party Management
LScomincFAM's third-party management options are very convenient with unlimited multilevel plans, mass mailing/SMS, and custom/multilevel follow-ups and payment terms.

LScomincFAM allows manual check of bank accounts, generates reconciliation accounts, and automatic reconciliation by accounts or in real time with nine levels of computation.

LScomincFAM has several multiple offerings:

  • Multi-companies with their respective architecture.
  • Simultaneous multi-users with the Client/Server mode.
  • Multiple general and analytic charts.
  • Management of double unit measures.

Numerous Controls
LScomincFAM offers various levels of controlling rights and managing them. You can define rights for multiple company levels, groups, users, and roles. You can also control entries at the account, journal or product level.

Integration of Modules
LScomincFAM is completely integrated to other modules such as sales, production, purchases, projects, Human Resources, and the like. It allows you to manage project by integrating them with the analytical accounting (Timesheet). It also has automated general and analytic imputations for stock movement, production, presentations, and more and several logics of automated invoice creation.

LScomincFAM has a comprehensive list of reports:

  • Balance, ledgers, accounting journals, bill books, reminder, and more.
  • Balance sheet, income statement, and intermediate balance management.
  • Comparative multi-exercises.
  • Intra-com and intra-stats declaration.
  • Analytic state, budgetary state, reporting state, and cash control.
  • Customization and creation of personalized documents, through OpenOffice integration.

LScomincFAM's analytic features include:

  • Multilevel analytic plans and unlimited journals.
  • Ventilation of unlimited and automated accounting moves according to numerous criteria, with possibility of re-ventilation.
  • Interrogations and editions.
  • Control of cost system, management by business and interaction with projects, time sheet, sales, purchases, and production.
  • Support of analytical OD.

LScomincFAM offers unlimited budgets on products, charges, stocks or treasuries, budgetary reports, and a wizard to create endowments.

Total Flexibility
All forms in LScomincFAM are customizable (entries, lists, reports, search, and more). It also enables you to manage users’ rights & menus, configure processes & alerts, and remotely access the system through the Internet. It also has an integrated request system.