Charity Management System

Software Type: Non-profit

About LScomincCharity - Charity Management System

LScomincCharity online donation and membership software is designed to focus on catering to the needs and requirements of charity, foundation and church groups/agencies. This software solution covers all the essential features and functions that would be required to run a charity, foundation or church.

LScomincCharity is a web-based relationship management solution that also caters to non-profit and non-governmental groups/agencies. It has special features that enhance community participation, supports multi-site organizations and networks, stores and manages information on donors/individuals as well as organizations.

LScomincCharity helps you maintain and manage various records and details such as correspondence and transactions. It is a powerful contact, fundraising, and donors and volunteer relationship system that help you to manage your donors, employees, volunteers, and more.

LScomincCharity Features

The features include the following:

  • Online donation
  • Automatic donation receipt
  • Online and offline fund raising for Charity
  • Donor contacts and activities management
  • Volunteer contacts and activities management
  • Online events registration
  • Online events payment
  • Membership registration/Renewal
  • Membership payment
  • Mass emailing to sponsor organizations

Make your organization’s processes simpler and easier with LScomincCharity and see the difference for yourself!

Why is LScomincCharity the right choice for you?

Some applications are not just for business, but for the smooth functioning of organizations that are not profit-oriented. Special and exclusive features are required to match the organization’s efforts and goals.

End-to-end management: All organizations no matter how they operate require a complete management solution that eliminates paperwork and enhances productivity. LScomincCharity does just that. It manages all the processes that encompass a charity, foundation and church group or agency.

Simple and user-friendly: LScomincCharity is very simple and user-friendly to make sure that users are not struggling to adapt with its functions and features. We understand that the processes need to be quick and easy.