School Management Software

Software Type: Education

About School Management System

LScominc SMS is a clever response to the laborious administrative processes involved in managing schools and colleges. It is an intelligently built web-based online School Management System that caters to your every need.

LScominc SMS provides end-to-end features that enable easy management of students, classroom- booking, parent communication management and finance management functions for colleges and schools. It is a completely online school portal with booking system facilities, library management, document management as well as event management for the school’s activities.

The most essential task of managing courses and fee for the same, overall finance and accounting, and all the in between processes can be managed smoothly using this single platform.

LScominc SMS Features

Following features are included in management, student, staff, parents, and admin modules:

  • School Attendance Management
  • CCA/ECA/Interest Group Management
  • Dashboard
  • Digital Signature Management
  • Document Management
  • Event Management/School Tour
  • Finance Management 
  • Human Resource Management
  • School Membership/Alumni Management
  • Messaging/eMail Management
  • New Media Management
  • Online Admissions Management
  • Online Exam Management
  • Online School Management
  • Parent Information Portal
  • Payroll Management
  • Resource/Classroom Management
  • Short Message Service
  • Staff Information Portal
  • Student Contract Management
  • Student Helpdesk Management
  • Student Information Portal
  • Survey Management
  • Teacher Portal
  • Tuition Management
  • Website Content Management


Our software ensures that your goal of educating students remains undeterred, while the rest of your laborious tasks are taken care of!

Why is LScominc the right choice for you?

By using LScominc SMS, your educational institution can cut cost, save time, and increase productivity in a big way. We understand how painstaking it is to manage huge volumes of paper and data; and to make sure that we simplify that entire process for you, we have many other sub-programs including:

Simplify management efforts: LScominc SMS is like a personal assistant to your institution’s management and streamlines all administration tasks. It is an effective tool that helps your institution to manage information in a meticulous way.

Single platform for communication: LScominc  SMS provides a single platform for the school, teachers, and parents to communicate and share information. It minimizes the efforts to build more communication channels to send different messages to different audiences.

Easy finance management: LScominc SMS simplifies the finance management involved in your institution; from fee to administrative and operational expenses.