Procurement Management System

Software Type: All Software Solution

About LScomincProcurement - Procurement Management System

LScominc procurement management system is an all-in-one software solution that is flexible and highly customizable for your unique business requirements. As one of the leading procurement management software in the market, the software allows you to manage complex assets, connect with suppliers and retailers, plan and execute supply chain process effectively.

The software is designed to be user-friendly has a wide range of features that can assist you in simplifying the highly complex tasks and processes in procurement management which include purchasing management, invoice management, contract management, payment management, RFQ support and approving reviewing and revising various processes related to the procurement process.

It helps you reduce risks, speeds up and streamlines an array of supply chain processes, improves the accuracy and visibility of data and records while positively impacting on your budget. In addition, the software can strengthen the relationship between you and your suppliers and retailers as it enhances the overall process efficiency in a great deal.
LScominc procurement management system brings you speed and accuracy under your procurement management inviting you to the digital era in supply chain management while reducing your costs enormously.

LScominc Procurement Features

LScominc procurement management system can offer you the best solutions in streamlining your supply chain processes, reducing costs and time consume in performing day-to-day tasks in procurement management, enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your enterprise.

Supply Catalogue Management 
-Maximize the effective catalog-based purchases 

Contract management
-Streamline the contraction management process by automating the contract execution, renewals, and close-out processes.

Asset and inventory management
-Keep and track data related to products in the inventory and increase the efficiency in inventory management.

Purchase management 
-Help you streamline your purchasing process and maximize the efficiency.

Strategic sourcing and supply management
-Help you accomplish high-profit margins while still maintaining the right quality in products with strategic supply management practices.

Invoice management 
-Speed up managing invoice process, enabling you to perform paperless invoicing. 

Why is LScominc Procurement the right choice for you?

With LScominc Procurement, we’ve made the supply chain management super easy in a way you’ve never even imagined before. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you invest in our software.

Greater process efficiency 
–By automating all the complex supply chain processes, the software helps you speed up daily tasks and operations which will increase the efficiency of your business.

Connect and collaborate with right suppliers
-By streamlining and simplifying your procurement processes, LScominc Procurement management software smoothen up your relationship with your suppliers.

Better risk management
-Offering you higher visibility over the process, the software helps you in effortless data evaluations and calculating future risks.